Married to Dennis, 30 years

Mom of 10 boys and 2 girls

Nana to 2 grandsons


I have been a stay-at-home more for 30 years and recently, this past summer, started taking college classes again.  Its definitely been a challenge, having been out of the classroom/study mode for so many years. 


I am a perfectionist/ultra-organized person.  I love hard work, especially hard physical work but loath working-out.  I would much rather dig 3 foot holes and refill them than do 1 hour of aerobics, lift weights, or walk a treadmill. 


I am very passionate about my family and their personal growth.  My husband, at the moment, is an out-of-work Pastor, searching for a new position, as well as fulfilling his lifelong passion of becoming a writer/speaker.





 My great family

(well most of them)